🌻Namaste 🌻

I’m a worrier more than a warrior at most times but my words are my sword so to speak and they give me strength to go on especially if I’m saying them to myself. Self talk is ever so important.

So welcome to where I choose to park my thoughts. You may have stumbled upon my page after googling or maybe I sent you a link. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this and I can’t write anymore. I sure do hope that the little I’ve written is something to write home about 😅😅🤗. However you found your way here I take this opportunity to say thank you for passing by.

Take all said with an open mind and ♥️♥️♥️

It’s easier that way. Less judgement and less time trying to figure me out

Post formats..

You’re going to find a whole lot of short posts. Or really long posts that sound like someone rambling.

The idea is to use free writing so I will drive my train of thought of the rails sometimes and come back to making sense somewhere in the middle. So bare with me. So the short versions are more heartfelt and genuine.The majority of the posts will have a personal touch to how I feel about the subject.

So please don’t mind hanging around here and leave a comment or two on what you think about posts that you like. It would be great to hear from fellow writers and readers around the world.


In yoga it means that ‘my soul recognizes yours and realises and acknowledges that we are one. So all my posts will end with that. Considering that you would have gone though my mind (literally on my mind) so why not acknowledge your presence.

🌸Namaste 🌸

2 thoughts on “🌻Namaste 🌻”

  1. nd in your glow you will find that verbal flow, that herbal snow, that effervescent mystic dough, ready to bake in your potential and essential promise of a woman, a godesss if not an omen, a signal to me, who is neither the or willing to be, as great as thee

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